What does one say here? The band has gone through numerous renovations, however, the spirit and soul of Clarke continues to live on…

Clarke was started January 2008 with original members James Clarke, Francis Tan, Brijesh Pandya, and Mike Lopez. They constantly shared their music through ecstatic shows around the OC, slowly but surely gaining a fan base. The band was put on pause when front man and lead singer, James Clarke, went to study abroad in Spain for a year. While in Spain, he started Clarké (Spanish style) and played regular shows in Bars and Restaurants—expanding the fan base in this foreign land. Upon his return, he called upon the ranks of new members Favian Cheong, Carson Lere and Spencer Lere to form the recuperated band known as “Clarke”. They currently are playing gigs in LA and the OC, with their soothing melodies and intricate harmonies.

Clarke’s debut self titled 7 song EP is available on itunes. Stay tuned for their upcoming release of the 2nd album titled “Self-Control”. If you like what you hear and would like to book them for your next show, please send a message. This page is for all the fans of the band and to keep up to date on all shows and new recordings.

For Special Events:

Clarke is open to Weddings, Engagement Parties, or whatever else your heart desires. We have a large repertoire of songs that fit any occasion including artists like Journey, Queen, Al Green, Marvine Gaye, and many others. We are also open to learning songs that you might want to be included in your event. Please contact us through the “Contact” link at the top right of the page.